Tips for Visiting Notre Dame Cathedral

Of all amazing monuments, iconic museums, and beautiful churches, Notre Dame Cathedral dominates as one of the superb French architecture masterpieces. It’s the heart and soul of Paris that is among the most visited destinations across the globe. If you are touring Paris, it is an excellent idea to visit Notre Dame Cathedral.

What You Need to Know before Visiting Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral is conveniently accessible. Simply follow the Metro line 4 to reach Cite, the island where the cathedral is located. Alternatively, you can use Maubert Mutualite line 10 station in case you are on the Left Bank.

Entering the church is free. It is advisable to go in by around 10 am if you want to avoid the crowds that begin to form after this time. If you wish to explore the 850 years old church fully, it is not advisable to visit the site during any Catholic holidays such as Easter since the place is crowded during such times. The cathedral is open at 8am-6:45 pm on weekdays. It is, however, closed at 7:15 on weekends.

What to See

Your trip to Notre Dame will be incomplete if you leave without exploring these magnificent places.

The Cathedral Towers

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The 68 meters tall tower will give you a clear view of the Seine and the whole city. There are many statues on the top which are admirably iconic.

The Archeological Crypt

Here, you will discover fragments of medieval wall that surrounded Paris once. Furthermore, you will learn about early Christian and Gallo-Roman ancient worship places here.

Cathedral’s magnificent interiors

Experience the interior’s outstanding features, Notre Dame’s organs, the cathedral’s processions, historical monuments, the treasury, and the choir.

Remember to view the rear, south and north sides of Notre Dame Cathedral; there is a lot to see here.


Do not forget to explore the areas surrounding the church when you are visiting Notre Dame Cathedral. For instance, ensure that you visit the famous Shakespeare & Company bookstore if you are a book lover. Also, find the time and tour the Saint Michel Fountain that has a superb representation of the Christianity history. After your tour at the fountain, you can also visit the Latin Quarter that is situated close to the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Intensify your fun at the cathedral by climbing the bell towers to have clearer views of the rooftops. There are many other superb restrooms, hotels and eateries around the cathedral to tour before leaving Notre Dame.

Notre Dame Cathedral is definitely the most beautiful church in the City of Lights.