How to make the most of your time in the Louvre

An exciting feeling runs through the veins of everyone who embraces everything the Louvre offers. The only thing that anyone might have doubts about is which of the many Louvre museum tours to book yourself into. There are after all tours for seniors, kids tours, night- and day tours, group tours and audio-guided tours among others. These different options to visit the Louvre Museum ensure you feel right at home when viewing the thousands of works of art in this museum considered the largest in the world.

Get the Most from your Sight-Seeing

Louvre Museum

There are those who prefer to browse the Louvre on their own, but then they could be roaming through the many corridors and not know where to look. They also miss out on the vitally important pieces of information that make visiting the museum so enthralling. An audio-guided tour might be a good option for those who enjoy their independence as these tours provide you with information while allowing you to explore independently. Having a guided tour means the tour is conducted at a pleasant pace and you don't have the hassle of organising a tour. Your ticket is bought for you and you avoid all the long queues to get in.

Package Deals – Exciting Order Guaranteed

With a guided tour, the guides know all the important exhibitions and sculptures that people particularly don’t want to miss such as the Venus de Milo. With a guide, you can be sure you’re seeing the best of the best. While the Louvre is one of the must-see attractions in Paris, you may be wishing to see other attractions at the same time such as climbing the steps of the Eiffel Tower. Then buying a package deal is an ideal option. It allows you admission to these other attractions under your ‘Louvre ticket’, rather than buying everything separately. Everything is booked and organised at once, and you get to see all the major attractions in an orderly manner and at an enjoyable pace.