A guided tour of the Eiffel Tower for views, cuisine and history

Today, the highlight of a visit to Paris has to be the Eiffel Tower (https://www.pariscityvision.com/en/paris/landmarks/eiffel-tower). You can take a guided tour or go up under your own steam. Either way, the views both from the ground and from up above are second to none. Starting at the foot of the tower, gaze upwards through the impressive structure and appreciate its sheer size and complexity. There are three floors open to the public, from where you can marvel at the Paris skyline and maybe enjoy the famous first-floor 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant or even the exclusive second-floor Jules Verne Restaurant. There's also a Macaroon bar on floor two and a champagne bar on floor three.

Pre-book your Eiffel Tower tour

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Pre-booking a tour allows you to skip the queues. A typical tour lasts about an hour, accompanied by a guide. You'll ascend in the lift to the second floor and have time to linger on the viewing platforms, a heady 114 meters above ground level. Your host will talk about the tower's history and interesting little-known facts. They'll also point out famous landmarks such as Louvre, Notre Dame, and Sacré Coeur. Finally, you'll go up to the third floor to see Gustave Eiffel's private apartments and possibly enjoy a glass of Champagne in a bar in the skies.

The world's most visited paid-for monument

Since its creation at the end of the nineteenth century, the Eiffel tower has welcomed over 250 million visitors. It's the world's most visited paid-for monument. During the German occupation of Paris, German soldiers tried to affix a giant swastika to the top. This blew away but a smaller one replaced it! When the Allies approached Paris in 1944, Hitler sent out the order to demolish the tower. However, the military governor of Paris refused to do this. And so the Eiffel tower survives to this day.